really noticing your own personal growth, like I mean truly seeing it in action is something amazing.


im really tired of europeans on here reblogging posts about racism in america and adding shocked disapproving comments like “get it together america lol” as if there isn’t an enormous amount of racism in europe and as if it wasn’t the europeans that first colonized the new world that planted the seed of racism in north america

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Nicki features twerking girls in her Anaconda video and people call it “pornographic and inappropriate” but Taylor Swift uses black girl’s asses as props and people see it as ~quirky and cute~ I’m so sick of this earth

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BREAKING: Police have strategically blocked any opportunities to see what’s happening. #Ferguson


  • The younger crowd is pleading for the media to stay: “Show the world what they’re about to do to us!”
  • Just told to go into our cars. An on-scene reporter was told to get into his car, and media were told to get into their cars. It’s about to reach a boiling point in Ferguson.
  • Protesters are asking the media to stand with them and not return to the media area

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One thing that really hurts about Robin Williams’ death is that it is believed to have been suicide. This should be a lesson for everyone that depression is not an exclusive disorder. Someone’s outward appearance can very easily mask their inward struggles. People always say “if you or anyone you know” and honestly SOMETIMES YOU DON’T KNOW. Make sure the people you care about know you care about them. Make sure they know you are there for them and are willing to support them whether they actually are dealing with depression or not.

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earlier this week, for the first time all summer, I was ready to go bcak to school. But the thing is, leaving makes me soooo sad

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